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i'm a loser baby, so why don't ya kill me

Cabin Fever. I have been in this doomed house all day long now and I just can not take it anymore. I need another job or something to do on my off days to keep me from sleeping. The other night I went to bed at 1 a.m., the earliest time I've been to bed in a very very long time, and I still snored and slept til 1 p.m.! Twelve whole hours and all I could feel about it was guilty. I'm all for double digit slumbers but after hour 10 all you get is tired. The most annoying catch-22 out there to date. (I'm sure this is arguable but naysayers shut it.) It is most unfortunate that I rely on television now more than ever. My life is not complete til I know that on Mondays Kat and Patrick are successfully hooking up (which they aren't by the way, to add to my frustrations), on Tuesday's that hot-for-a-teacher Will Scheuster is still obliviously cute (yes!), and that on Thursday's both Damon and Stefan Salvatore are still vying for the affections of one Elena whilst Jeff Winger is winging community college.
I swear my head is crammed with more useless information than ever. I'm sure that this is not allowed, that there will be some karmic reaction to my lack of learning. Probably losing massive amounts of brain cells on a daily basis.
So journal, if there is a calling for me out there, spit. it. out.

you have watched 72 minutes...

...of video today. Please wait 54 minutes or click here to upgrade now! APRIL FOOL'S MFer! Fuck megavideo.

So, hay livejournal. You're like the ever patient boyfriend who waits around forever while his girlfriend takes two hours to put her face on before they can go out. So I guess I don't have to apologize to you but to my two sisters who periodically bother me about never posting. In the time that we have been apart, I started school, probably gained more weight than ever and watched a lot of TV. I have also learned that the Daria DVD is finally coming out on May something of this year. Can you say excited?!! Don't expect me to be posting that week as I will have a Daria marathon on loop with my elder sis Lora. Nikki can come too.

What is there to say? Time still passes, new scandals arise, the awards season is almost over and likewise with the TV seasons. I still hate PC's, still want to buy a MacBook and still want to move the hell out of my house. I might now know how to make a fancy french dessert or two but who doesn't? Work still sucks even though I only grace them with my presence on Sundays and even then in a slightly subdued stupor with the scent of last night's cigarettes still in my hair.

New ponderings of the new decade: do colon cleanses really work? or are they just fads and corporation hoaxes, should I bother with a new phone this year?, quit my job?, dye my hair?, try to shake some excess fat off?, make every recipe in a cookbook?

As always, those questions are rhetorical folks. Rhetorical.


Have you ever imagined what dipping your fingers into 400 degree caramel would be like? Neither have I, but lo and behold in they go!

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks it is absolutely hysterical that my sis starts her job on April Fool's? If the world really were a cruel place it would be a great practical joke. No optimism intended I just really rather not get punched at 100% intensity by Lora.


"From the top."

I don't have much time to scribble this out but:

1. I'd like to quit my job. HOORAY.

2. The fall finale of gLee is like six minutes away and I'm very, very excited. I feel like this episode will kick ass and will involve ass kicking. Best of both worlds!

3. Matthew Morrison = HOT Spanish teach.

4. 19 days til I go back to schooly-life.


We are not who you think we are...

We are GOLDEN.

Be that as it may, I have apparently had a LJ account since September of 2006 and have not one inkling as to use it. Or how. (My sister is walking me through most of these baffling wonders!) It's interesting LJ, you have stumbled upon a new era. How do I know? Well let's have a sit with our dog Blue (who is female! and Magenta was the boy!?) in our obscenely large red arm chair and hash it out:

1. Getting a loan, credit card, shoes, or food on the table has become a serious issue for all parties involved. And I mean ALL parties. (Even the fun ones.)

2. My parents (or as a youth fueled with angst I had titled them "parental units" as I felt they were closer to robot then to human )are regressing into their hormonal teenage years, while I feel I am tumbling out of them.

3. Somehow I desire a career in baking.*

4. Taxes. I don't mind being compared to Scrooge when that subject is mentioned.


You know, I feel as if I could go on and on but for the sake of bandwidth (I am so considerate.) Barreling forward I would say that...

My name is Katharine, you don't need to know that, I am 18, I currently fill my days with nothing but dull monotony and life in retail hell. More things you do not need to know. Now that we've gotten that out of the way LJ, let me just say that hopefully you will keep me interested enough to come back and post another sordid entry on my lovely and perfect life. I wonder LJ, when people read this what voice do they place alongside harmoniously with the words. My particular speech is not very articulate and at times I place accents on words that just do not need them at all! Not to say I am totally illiterate but I am not that far off.

On a parting note LJ, Live long and prosper. Star Trek with Pine and Quinto is sizzling.


*This is not to say that I look down on those amazing creative eccentrics who make dentists serious coin, just to say that I never thought I would be part of that enterprise...or ANY enterprise for that matter.



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